Sunday, June 17, 2012

Lavender Purple Wedding Favor Boxes

Favors for wedding guests are commonplace. They are given by the couple to the guests as a way of thanks for sharing their special day and having a unique favor box will definitely add color and emphasis to the wedding theme.

Why not promote the love of all things handmade by making your own unique wedding favors? Making these boxes yourself will not only help you stay within budget but also lend a personal touch to your give aways.

You can make your wedding favor boxes as simple or as stylish as you wish. Incorporate your theme or motif by adding ribbons, flowers or decorative accents and even make them more unique by attaching them with handmade favor tags to personalize your event.

If your motif happens to be lavender, this round decoupage favor box is a couple’s delight. Thank your guests with a unique favor that is both decorative and functional. I also love how DECOUPAGE gives a vintage look and feel to finished pieces.

The box is made of a heavy cardstock .It measures 1.5" wide by 2.5" deep. It is covered with lavender flowers and strips of cream and lavender decoupaged on all sides, inside, and underside. Sealed and glazed with several layers of varnish for durability and protection.

This is already a darling in itself but if you prefer, you may add other embellishments like lace appliques or tie a ribbon that matches your color scheme.

This adorable favor box can be filled with delicious handmade truffles, gourmet chocolates, candies, mints or candies. . .a perfect way to indulge guests in delightful treats. After the goodies are gone, your guests can use them to keep their little jewels!

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