Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Decoupaged Map Bangles and Bracelets

Maps encourage boldness. They're like cryptic love letters. They make anything seem possible. 
-Mark Jenkins - 
As Mark Jenkins puts it, maps indeed make anything seem possible. Maps tell us more than pointing directions and routes. Maps tour us around the world in minutes…beautiful visuals of seas and lands and countries near and far. Maps allow us to marvel about far-away lands we dream of traveling to. They too keep memories of distant places we’ve been. 
Instead of keeping your maps in drawers, why not display them. The simplest would be to mount them on the walls but if you love crafting things like me, why not take it further and show-off your crafty side and make various map decor pieces and accessories which are unique, easy and impressive.
Looking for chic jewelry pieces to adorn your wrists or planning to give away one of a kind gifts to friends? Why not whip up some recycled decoupaged bangles which are vintage, green, fun and one of a kind!
This collection of Atlas Bangles is for travelers and for daydreamers too…(who journey in their mind ).These bangles are wearable souvenirs from your travels while you dream of places yet to be discovered.
I create my bangles by using designs on a plastic, lucite, resin or wood bangles with the decoupage technique. I use generous coats of decoupage glue and seal them with several coats of clear gloss varnish for added shine and durability. (Waterproof but don’t go swimming with them) Each bangle is entirely different and yet very similar in comparison.
For these bangles, I used chunky wood bangles as base. The maps are from the Atlas section of a 1948 Encyclopedia. The colors and fonts are absolutely fabulous- perfect for us who love vintage images.

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