Sunday, July 1, 2012

Floral Crowns for Shabby Chic, Boho, Bohemian, Rustic and Vintage Weddings

Floral crowns are a romantic and feminine alternative to the traditional bridal veil or fascinator. If you are having a vintage, shabby chic, bohemian or rustic wedding theme,  be creative and go for  a whimsical bridal hairstyle. Check out these floral crowns for ideas. These are made of Eco-friendly permanent materials so you can keep them as memento after the wedding. You can even re-use them for any future event.
Romantic purple lavender green flower crown. Made of wild orchids (from corn husks), fossilized rose buds (from preserved fresh leaves), fossilized grasses (preserved grasses from the ricefields), lilac blueberries (made of wood ). The base is natural wild vine. - Very woodsy and ethereal.
Love autumn inspired accessories. Red, orange, yellow wild orchids. Birch wood roses in matching colors. Orange fossilized rose buds. Preserved grasses and autumn berries.
Beautiful Green and White palette. Green wild orchids, baby's breath (corn husks) and oval green wood beads.
Persimmon, Red, Orange and Yellow. Perfect for fall. Calla lilies made of vintage book pages and painted with rustic burnt orange and persimmon. Full bloom preserved roses in autumn colors. Lemon yellow grasses. Red oval berries! 
Soft blue. Dusty Blue. Aqua Blue. Tiffany Blue. Baby Blue - All in one pretty floral crown. 
Blush blue wooden roses made of birch wood shavings. Fossilized rose buds. Blue wild orchids. Aqua teal preserved grass. Round and oval wood beads accent. 
Orange and Yellow palette. Wild orchids. Tulips made of paper. Grasses.Wild vines. Fall berries.
Royal Blue, Ivory and White

These are ready to ship. If you need a different color, we welcome custom orders to match your wedding theme. 

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