Thursday, September 6, 2012

DIY Floral Top Decorated with Wooden Flowers: Fun Shoot With A Nymph Bride and A Woodland Warrior

I wasn't able to document the step by step process in making this floral top but I hope you can make your own by basing on the photos. I used wooden roses but you can substitute with silk or paper flowers.
Originally, the floral top was a plain black silk top. We attached wooden roses covering the front and back. The wooden roses used were supposed to be thrown away since most have cracks and splits but since they were not totally crushed, I still decided to use them for this project. Happy with how the top turned out- vibrant and colorful! 
Plain Top/Blouse
Glue Gun
Glue Stick
Wooden Roses

Using glue gun with stick, 
attach the flowers to the top or blouse. 
Make sure to cover all spaces. 
The floral crown is made of rainbow colored wooden roses and corn husk wild orchids.

Location: Long-long Communal Forest, La Trinidad, Benguet
Ash Velasco Photography 
Veena Baskinas

Models: Mary Rose Alalag, Kevin Pecay
Male Model's Costume and Accessories: Hapiyoh Mi
Female Costume and Accessories: Accents and Petals , Fhonda's Cut Style and Gowns
HMUA: Make-up by Jessica

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