Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Rustic Burlap Roses

Burlap roses have been and still a huge craze when it comes to rustic decorating. Like anyone who loves vintage style rustic decors, burlap is one of my favorite fabrics to use. It provides a neutral base for a variety of colors.  If a bridal bouquet project calls for natural elements, burlap is my solution for it.
Not only are the roses rustic pretty but are eco-friendly as well. Burlap sacks originally used to store peanuts and coffee were re-used and recycled to create these roses- washed, dried, and stabilized to prevent the edges from fraying.

Burlap rose photographed alongside a simple rust fall bouquet made of corn husk Daisy flowers. The base of the bouquet is decorated with burlap ribbons. The handle is wrapped with natural  twine for an even more rustic finish.

The burlap roses can be purchased at our Artfire store. Our minimum is one dozen but we also accept wholesale orders. If you want to be a distributor,  do not hesitate to contact us. 

Credit: Thank you so much to Remi Roque for the beautiful photos. One of my many favorite product shots from the La Trinidad Shutterbugs. 

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