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DIY: How to make Flower Balls or Pomanders Using Wooden Flowers

How to make Flower Balls or Pomanders Using Wooden Flowers

I. Introduction 

Pomanders are also known as kissing balls or flower balls. These can be used as an alternative bouquet for flower girls and bridesmaids. Brides may also opt to have a pomander type bouquet. Perfect for aisle decors and for hanging too. These can be used as decor for any occasion besides weddings. They can be a fun alternative for Christmas balls. Make them in fall colors and display them during Thanksgiving.
II.  Materials
Wooden flowers
Glue gun with glue stick
Styrofoam balls
Ribbons or twine

III. Procedure
Step 1: Prepare the Styrofoam balls. For this project, we will use a 5" round ball.
Step 2: Choose a matching ribbon. You can use any type of ribbon. Go rustic and use natural twine, rope, raffia or abaca.
Step 3: Apply hot  glue to any center point of the ball. Press one  end of the ribbon to the glue. Wrap the ribbon around the ball then glue again at the meeting point.

The length of the ribbon handle is up to you but 12 inches or 1 foot would be ideal.
Step 4. Prepare the flowers. For this tutorial, we will use assorted purple wooden flowers. However, you can use any artificial flowers you have. 
Step 5: Apply glue to the base of the flower.
Step 7: Adhere the flowers starting at the bottom of the ribbon handle. Let your creativity flow with regards to the placement of the different flowers. You can mix roses, sunflowers etc or just one variety. Either way, it will be beautiful and unique.
Step 8: Continue attaching flowers until you cover the entire ball. 
Flower Ball Completed

The pomander we made is already beautiful as is. However, you can also add crystals in between or at the center of each flower. The floral balls you will create will last a very long time. 

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