Friday, December 7, 2012

DIY: How To Make A Mini Christmas Tree Wreath

Mini Christmas Tree Wreath for Hanging, Gift Wrapping or Accents to any Christmas Craft Projects
Woven wicker mini wreath. For this project, I used wicker napkin rings.
Wooden roses/Fabric roses/Paper roses
Red Holly Berries
Dried Moss
Hot Glue
1. Glue moss on one part of the ring. This will be your base.
2. Attach the holly berry picks on one end of the moss. You can also decorate both ends with berry spray.
3. Dab a glue at the back of the wooden roses and adhere them on top of the moss. You can choose other colors which are available in our Store. 
4. Using twine, tie a loop for hanging.
5. Decorate your Christmas tree, windows or walls with it. Remove the twine and use it as napkin rings or to accent gift boxes and other craft projects.


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