Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Peach Coral Wedding: Peach, Ivory, Coral and Green Bouquet Made of Wooden Flowers, Corn husk Flowers and Fossilized Roses

This forever bouquet featured here is made of assorted wooden flowers, corn husk flowers and fossilized roses.

Colors: pale orange, peach, ivory, coral and a touch of green
Collar/Underside: Lace
Handle: Lace

Edson Kurt Molintas
Lawrence Pila
Te Renz


Jessica Banday

We love custom orders. We can create a bouquet as seen on the photos  or we can custom make one to match you wedding colors and theme. We use wooden flowers, paper flowers, corn husk flowers, fossilized and fabric flowers. You have the option to choose one material or a combination of all. You may also choose from our wide array of fillers and accents like crystals, feathers, dried grasses and flowers, preserved fruits, pine cones, sea shells, paper beads, wood beads, sequins, pearls and many more.


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