Thursday, September 25, 2014

Blogapalooza 2014: The Biggest Business to Blogger Networking Event Is Back

The first time I participated in Blogapalooza was in 2013. The experience was overwhelming as it was also my first time to be with hundreds of bloggers in one event. My  four year old son who loves photography had fun taking pictures of and  with  some bloggers and sponsors.This year's event which I will be attending again is certain to be bigger and better. More than 600 registered bloggers and counting will be participating and  with quite a good number of sponsors as well. Business and Bloggers alike will benefit greatly in these types of events or rather in THIS event. Some may have tried organizing business to blogger events but surely not as grand and well participated in as Blogapalooza.  It is an opportunity for businesses  to showcase their brand, products and services to bloggers, social media power users and other online influencers. Bloggers on the other hand get to meet and network with established businesses as well as budding brands that seek to be discovered. Bloggers too will be thrilled to take home loots and freebies and if they are even luckier, they get to win amazing prizes from the draws and games. 

From the list of participating businesses, I am glad to see sponsors from the previous year that have come back to support  this year's event. I am excited to network with them again and see if they have something new to offer.  I more than happy to give a shout out to some of them. 

I am pleased to know that View Park Hotel Tagaytay is back. Not only did we get lots of freebies from their booth last year but also most appreciated was the welcoming attitude of the people representing the company. See the smiling faces of these cool guys here. There was a lady in the group whom I also spoke with. She was very accommodating as well. I hope they are still with the hotel. They did a great job engaging the bloggers and represented the company well. 

When I go to a hotel, there are three factors that influence my decision to whether come back or not - the cleanliness of the room, the quality of food and the friendliness of the crew from the security guard, front desk, cleaning crew to the manager etc. At times when the room I am given is not spick-and-span or the food is not excellent but the people manning the hotel are accommodating and easy to deal with, they more than make up for the shortcomings. The representatives of View Park Hotel in Blogapalooza 2013 are just what every hotel needs- welcoming, respectful, and with a smile.  This is a good reflection of the general standard of View Park Hotel Tagaytay. Great job. 

Explore Tagaytay.  Rest, Dine, Party and Relax at View Park Hotel. Visit their WEBSITE for rates and promos and Like their FACEBOOK PAGE to receive updates.

Another company I am excited to see again is Chooks-To-Go. Their area last year was the busiest and most fun. The crew were both entertaining and efficient in manning their booth. The Chooks-To-Go Kwelahan Challenge was very effective in introducing their brand and encouraging participants to check their booth. My husband got on his feet and joined the fun. The prize? A whole roasted chicken. After the event, we traveled back to Baguio. The chicken we brought home was still fresh and juicy despite the long travel. 
In the above photo is my son having a good time with Tom Crew, their mascot. I hope he gets to bond with him again this year.
And then there’s the bucket of whole roasted chicken…yum yum.
For promos and discounts, check their WEBSITE and their Official FACEBOOK PAGE.

Easy Taxi was at Bloogapaloza 2013 also. Unluckily, I wasn’t able to check their booth. This time, however, I’d like to know more about their offers.  Although I am not from Manila, I believe I can still take advantage of their services when I visit the Metro from time to time. Besides, I have cousins who work in the city who might be interested in them too. 
Learn more about Easy Taxi by visiting their  WEBSITE.


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