Friday, September 26, 2014

DIY: How To Make Flower Holders Using Upcycled Liquor Bottle

These upcycled bottles were used as flower holders for a wedding.
I arranged paper roses inside the dome (bottle upside-down) and 
the top was decorated with fresh alstroemeria flowers.

Empty  Emperador  Brandy Long Neck Bottles (I used 10 for this project).
Sand Paper
Diamond Mesh
Double Sided Tape
Floral Foam
Alstroemeria Flowers
Paper Roses



Collect empty 750 ml Emperador Bottles.  Clean and prepare them for cutting.
Score about an inch from the bottom.
Cut . Sand the edges.

Glue the detached bottom to the mouth or opening of the bottle using silicone.
Use double sided tape to secure 1 inch wide diamond mesh around 
the bottom for added sparkle.


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