Sunday, September 7, 2014

DIY: How To Make A Paper Lily

These paper lilies are fun to make.  They are a staple to my wedding bouquets as brides love them.
White Glue
Glue Gun and Stick
Floral Wire (for the leaves)
Floral Tape (to wrap stems)
1. Draw and cut the petals. (see figure 1). You need 10 petals.
2. Glue two petals together. You now have 5 petals which 
is what you'll need to make 1 lily flower.
3. Let dry for about 15 minutes. Fold lengthwise.
4. To wrinkle the petals, you'll need a napkin or handkerchief.
5. Place the petal on top of the napkin 
 and fold the napkin to cover the petals.
6. Use your right thumb to press one end of the petal while  your left hand pulls down the napkin. Press back your thumb while the left hand continues pulling  the napkin down until you reach the other end of the petal.
7. Assemble the lily flower. Glue the petals 
overlapping each other as you progress (until all the 5 petals are glued). Connect both ends. You now have a funnel shape.
8. Insert the stamen. You can use paper cut into strips if you do not 
have ready made stamens. (These can be bought in craft stores)
9. To make the leaves, trace, cut and glue. As you can see above, I used a crumpled paper. Glue two pieces together but put a floral wire in the middle before adhering the other leaf. 
This is to make it more sturdy.
10. If you used crumpled paper, I think there's no need
 to wrinkle it more but if you  wanted the leaves 
to be more realistic-looking, proceed to the next step.
11. Repeat procedures 4-6 just like what 
we did with the lily flower.

The lily flowers I made were added to this bouquet. This is for a lovely bride in Australia. She also ordered white bouquets/flowers which I will be sharing soon.


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